Friday, July 10, 2009


S-Vision is a concept phone, specially designed by concentrating on business peoples, allowing to be carried out their presentations directly on its surface through projection. The extraordinary shape of this design phone holds sheer elegance and an exceptional format. S-Vision features an integrated LED Micro-beamer that helps projecting the presentations. This technology has already been introduced with some products available around but this phone is stimulating its functionality to the max. The projector activates by folding the side out of the mobile, therefore, the surface starts to adapt itself. The user can navigate easily through the screen by using the backward and forward keys.

The latest Sony VAIO NW Series 1.2-inch notebooks

Sony has announced the upcoming release of the VAIO NW series PC notebooks. The new VAIO NW series is only 1.2-inch thick, making it a direct competitor against thin laptops such as the Macbook Air.

The new VAIO NW series notebook computer features a quick web access button so you can get online without fully loading up your PC. It is also designed with unique tactile features such as a subtle textured surface applied across the cover and inside, and has an HDMI output for easy HD entertainment. Its environmental credentials are hard to miss with a one-touch “DISPLAY OFF” button and compliancy to the stringent ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard.

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The basic Sony VAIO NW Series model will be powered by 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 400GB hard drive and ATI Radeon HD 4580 graphic card. It has a 15-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, and a Blu-Ray drive and built-in WiFi. It is pretty good!

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Sony VAIO NW series laptops will start at $800 for the above spec model. The upgraded model with a Blu-ray Disc drive costs just $80 more.

Next generation LG Chocolate available from August

LG Chocolate was the best selling LG handset ever, selling over 21 million units worldwide. Now LG has plans to release the second generation LG Chocolate, which will be fully unveiled in August.

Though the full spec isn’t available yet, there are a few details on the internet that gives us an idea about the features of this next very prestigous phone. The second generation LG chocolate will become the first of its kind with a 21:9 aspect ratio display. The model number will be BL-40, which features a 800 x 345 screen resolution, a 3-inches display, a 5-megapixel camera and HSDPA will be included, it looks likely to run LG’s S-Class UI.

Google Chrome OS nuke - Microsoft Windows killer?

Google has announced Chrome OS, an operating system that will give netbooks and full-size desktops alike with its well-known speediness. The OS will be compatible with x86, meaning Intel Atom and ARM Chips will be compatible.

With its main intention for use on netbooks and low cost portable PCs. The move is likely to sharpen the already intense competition between Google and Microsoft, whose Windows operating system controls the basic functions of the vast majority of personal computers.

While Google Chrome OS is aimed initially at netbooks, Google said it believed the software would be able to power full-fledged PCs. This adds a slight confusion to us as Google has already developed the Android open-source operating system that is used in some mobile phones and also netbooks by several manufacturers.

Multiple OEM manufacturers have already jumped onboard it seems, and are prepping a netbook Chrome OS marriage sometime in the second half of 2010. As our friends at ElectricPig have mentioned, Google has had enough of browser wars, they’re now attacking from the core - Windows OS is Microsoft’s home turf.