Saturday, May 30, 2009

24k Yellow Gold Samsung m7500 Emporio Armani Luxury Mobile Phone

Say hello to the all new Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect, at night is where this phone shines and we really do mean shines thanks to the stunning LED lights on the sides. The Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect phone features HSDPA, and quad-band GSM support, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, stereo Bluetooth, 2.2-inch OLED display, brushed-metal casing, microSD card slot and FM radio, plus is only 12mm thin.

We present this most bijou beauty to you clad with elegance in 24k Gold.

Exclusive to Continental Mobiles.

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Standard Features
Network Tri Band
Dimension 110x49x14.5 mm.
Display QVGA 2.2” 262K Colors
Display size 240x320
External memory Micro SD Card
Battery Type Li-ion 1000 mAh
Talk time up to 3.5 hr.*
Standby time up to 300 hr.*
Year Availability 2008
Camera VGA 300,000 Pixels
FM Radio Yes
Java Application Yes
MP3 Player Yes
Video Records Yes
MP3 Ringtones Yes
Polyphonic Ringtones Yes
Type Thai Language Yes
Thai Menu Yes
Bluetooth (Voice/Data/A2DP) Yes
Others - TV Tuner
- Dual Loud Speaker
- Motion Sensor
- Dictionary
Organizer,Clock,Alarms Yes

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sony's T500 Camera Shoots HD Video

Sony's latest addition to its T-Series, the Cyber-shot DSC-T500, is the company's first point-and-shoot camera that can record high-definition video. Earlier this month, Sony announced the DSC-T700 and DSC-T77, 10-megapixel cameras that offer a number of similar features.

At first look, the 10.1-megapixel T500 is virtually identical to the T700, but has a lower resolution screen (230k pixels compared to the 700's 921k screen). It can, however, record HD video (1280-by-720 at 30 frames per second) in MPEG4, AVC, and H.264 formats. Not only that, but optical zoom is enabled during recording (a rare feature), and you can even take up to three still shots without interrupting the video capture (also rare).

The T500 has a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 33-165mm lens (35mm equivalent), and, as we're seeing more and more in this category, a 5X optical zoom, up from the 3X zoom usually present in point and shoots. You can view HD slideshows with music on its wide 3.5-inch transflective LCD touch screen. Other features include face detection, optical image stabilization, in-camera editing, and a macro mode.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T500 will be available in late September for $399 (list)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Eclipse intuit concept phone is an exploration into the future of mobile phones. Looking at the possibilities of more intuitive interfaces where users and the device are more effectively in-sync with each other. In addition, exploring green alternatives in powering at the phone moving away from conventional battery powered methods.

Intuit features dual interactive interfaces to cater for different applications. The UI adjust itself depending on the usage mode-whether phone, camera or internet mode. The device is also energy efficient charging via solar power, ensuring it will never die out while in use.


The concept car design by Coventry University design student Da Feng is something that is far more than just a fragment of imagination. Made from carbon fiber frame, GYM as this concept car is called as a single seat concept car. This concept car is designed by being inspired by a gym as the car is more like a mini gymnasium. The adjustable seat and pedal are placed in a manner that the usage of the same makes the driver feel as if he is in a gym. So if you missed your morning exercise routine, then do it on the way to your office!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The new two-seater NASA concept car is surely an eye catcher not just for its unique and innovative design but also in its ability to spin 360 degree at the same spot. This beauty has been designed by Czech designer students Marek Kedzierski and Michal Vlèek and has no doors! The upper portion of the car just lifts up as we have in the cockpit, even the seats are placed in the same manner, and quite innovative must say! The upper portion also closed very slowly over the passengers and exactly fits around the neck and head restraints. So get set take it out for a spin quite literally with Nasa car concept!


With the cell phone companies vying up to attract new customers, on these lines comes what the designer call as the egg phone. The instrument is shaped in elliptical shape and looks more like an egg. It is a touch screen device with all the regular features like MP3 player, camera etc which all have been synonymous with all high end phones these days. A USB port is available for charging or transferring data. It is available in attractive colors and will surely grasp the attention of all the youngsters, well not just youngsters, even elderly people might love this cell phone because of its big numbers, easy for the eyes. Now, one can say that this is one egg that you really can’t eat!

Peter Zsolt Koren does have a target when his concept cell phone will meet reality, and I guess 2014 isn’t too far away to get our hands to hold Koren’s Flash cell phone concept. Touchscreen, sleek and slim design, camera, wireless charging, also completed with interactive projectors. The phone projects interfaces on any surface and can detect finger gestures, you’ll never get bored with Flash cell phone. Did I mention that this phone also won the second place of “Hello Future 2014 mobile phone design competition”?

E-paper makes a flexible display that consumes power only when updated. The design is inspired by a regular tourist map where you get good overview, good level of detail, and quick access combined with the advantages of GPS navigation. Store your images from your digital camera on the internal drive and sync them to the GPS log. Now you can see exactly where your photos were taken. Share this information directly by using WiFi or piggyback your phone with Bluetooth.


The cell phone market over the years has turned out to be a segment with the least shelf life, thereby a constant process for manufacturers to come up with new models. Today cell phone is not just an instrument to make and receive calls but far beyond that. The new walkman phone Premiere 3 by KDDI for Sony Ericsson, slated for spring release is a powerhouse so to say. It features a 3″ VGA screen, auto focus camera, and a memory of 2GB and weighing a meager 113gms, and quite compact in size. The colors are quite vibrant and with video in demand feature and also remote control for walkman, it sure is a model to look out for. There’s no info on pricing yet.


Enhancing the wireless range of your laptop using a long range antenna will let you search and find more (potentially open) wireless networks as you travel the world. The typical wireless card in a Macbook gives you about 100mW range. Forget about the technical details but consider that a long range wireless card gives you 3-5 times (300-500mW) the range. This lets you bum Wi-Fi signals from networks that might have been out of your range otherwise.

There are two good options for long range wireless antennas with some minor differences between the two. This isn’t a sponsored review, I just like and find these two antennas personally very useful.

* alfa300Alfa AWUS036EH (300mW) about $40 - About the size of a USB memory stick, this little antenna plugs into your USB drive and works with most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. The Alfa AWUS036EH provides about 300mW of power (about 2.5 times that of most Intel Windows laptops).
o I never travel without my Alfa AWUS036EH. It doesn’t look fancy or expensive and probably won’t draw anyone’s attention.
* Alfa AWUS036 (500mW) about $60 - Aside from the extended range (almost 2 times) over the Alfa AWUS036EH, the Alfa 500mW doesn’t plug right into your USB drive (but an included cable). It’s a big bulkier and might be more interesting for a pickpocket in my opinion.


The Second Solar Spaceship, designed by Different Futures, placed in the German city of Boblingen is the most elaborate children’s toy. The spaceship as the name suggest is the replica of any regular spaceship minus the ability to fly. This three level toy is interactive spaceship also has a 3-D cinema, a laboratory and even an alien breeding ground! The concept has jet engines and the circular docking pods are used for connecting to orbiting stations. This toy is a nice means of educating the kids as to how a real space ship works so that they are more knowledgeable.


BMW Group Designworks USA introduces the PC tower architecture concept by their latest gaming computer. The PC tower concept “Level 10” is a combination of functionalizing and philosophizing beyond the eye-catching factor just like most of the other Designworks project. The design team was inspired for this approach from the computer industry and has made this machine with futuristic game components, virtual townscapes and expressiveness. Each world-class component featured by this design is enclosed with its own shielding case, rendering it as an integral element of the design and guaranteeing transportability and interchangeability. Moreover, the concept contains the best possible cooling mechanism which is also very important for the hardcore gaming machines.


Chi Shing Lo, a student at the UK’s De Montfort University recently won the annual D&AD Student Awards for the new mobile phone handset designed for Orange. This win is his second major competition this year. The D&AD Student Awards of course showcases the best emerging design and advertising talent from colleges and universities around the globe. The handset design includes a simple ‘hole’ which doubles up as a view finder when used as a camera, a charging point which uses inductive charging technology, and also for transferring data. It also has a mirror surrounding which enables the users to take their own picture.


The collapsible bicycle concept designed by Blair Hasty was primarily designed as a vehicle for daily transport usage. Featured in the 2004 International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan the concept has the pedals shifted to behind the driver so the overall weight transfers from the lower back to forearms and pelvic bone and the posture while the rider is prostrate while riding the bike. The designer has utilized the space by placing a large bag at the creating a thus creating storage space for the rider. Also to add on it is collapsible and the bag comes handy then. So no need to look for parking space, take it straight to your workstation, plus it is healthier for your body by using bicycle for daily activities.

From the designer :

This project started for me in the broad category of personal transportation. Having seen numerous recreational products win previous design competitions, I resolved to develop a product that would not only be ecologically friendly but also offer health benefits to travelers. After some strong consideration it occurred to me that the large majority of unhealthy, polluters in our society were the millions of people sitting in their cars going to and from work every day. Perhaps many of them would like to commute via man-powered vehicle but simply haven’t found the right solution. I immediately set out to try and found what problems people had with the existing products.

It began by keeping the product parameters in as general a terms as possible so as not to limit myself creatively. I then commenced with the researching of existing bicycle commuters to try and understand what they liked and disliked about it. From there I went on to conduct some local surveying of non-bikers. In doing this I learned of several key problems that could be solved through better design. These concerns included lack of storage capacity, poor positioning, and size and bulk of the conveyance. I feel that after hundreds of hours of thought and months of hard work that my proposed solution resolves these issues
I began my design by solving the problem of user posturing. In traditional bike designs the rider’s feet are underneath them causing their torso to hunch forward in order to reach the handles. This results in unnecessary strain on the lower back, arms, and buttocks, not to mention poor aerodynamics. As illustrated I resolved these issues by moving the position of the pedals behind the rider and moving some of the pressure of their body weight onto the front of the hip bones, using a broad front section of the seat and onto their forearms with supports protruding from the handles. The new riding position helped solve the storage problem by freeing up plenty of useable space beneath the rider. In this newly acquired gap I decided to suspend a large bag for cargo. And as for the storage of the bicycle, after the destination has been reached and the cargo contained within the bag has been removed, it can be expanded and the bike can be folded and placed inside.


Laundry handling is always a tiresome job especially for those who are living in an apartment where making room for dirty laundry is quite hard. The main goal of this project is to offer a structured design of a complete solution that facilitates the user to efficiently handle their laundry. This product has wheels that enable the user to place it anywhere they want and can use it as a sitting place too. There is a bag inside made of bamboo textile with an antibacterial effect and can hold five kilos of dirty laundry. Active carbon of the inner textile prevents probable unwanted odors from spreading out and the ventilation holes let air to flow out and in.